What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving them. Zig Ziglar
It must be borne in mind that the tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goals to reach. Benjamin E. Mays

Remember our

Year 11 LEARNING PATHWAYS EVENING IS ON Thursday 21st January from 4.00–6.00

Whether your child is continuing into the sixth form, going to college or undertaking employment or further training this is for you.

Please note that colleges and employers, as well as the career service will be here to help you and your child plan for the future.

Well done to the pupils in year 11 who have already successfully completed their mathematics GCSE gaining a C grade and above. We are delighted that 35% of our pupils have mathematics GCSE already and in some cases pupils have already got 5 GCSEs confirmed before the summer series. This is an immense achievement and shows how important it is to have goals and to have a clear plan to reach them. Thank you to all our teachers giving up their time so readily to support our learners.

It is wonderful to listen to our pupils saying I was only 6 marks off a C and then explaining how determined they are to reach the C grade. However, we must be realistic and it is important that as parents/carers we ensure that our children realise that success comes from hard work at home as well as in school. Watch the website for the school revision timetable to see which sessions could benefit your child and that he/she could attend.

However studying at home is even more important when pupils decide to stay on into the sixth form. Many sixth formers now have a part time job that helps them pay for those extras but it is important that they realise how much of their free time should be spent completing coursework, essays or simply revising for those all important examinations.

As parents and carers will be aware -promoting citizenship is very important to our school and with this in mind it is important to say well done to all our pupils who have helped us raise a huge amount of money already for this years’ designated charities. Last year it was year 7 and year 11 who came out on top, both year groups raised a magnificent £2,500 each for The Dogs’ Trust and KeepstrongforOws appeal. Only one year group last year failed to reach the £1,000 target and they are already well on the way to reaching this target. (I think the competition is now so fierce between the year groups no-one dares to fail!)

As a new school we continue to attract a lot of attention and we were delighted to be visited by journalists from the Sunday Times and the BBC. Sian Griffiths Education correspondent and Deputy Editor of the News Review taught an English lesson to year 7 pupils as well as conducting interviews with the Head-teacher, Teach First teachers and pupils. For more information look out for the Sunday Times on Sunday 17th January and for the BBC Newsbeat programme produced by Arwyn Evans on Tuesday 26th January when there is a focus on the changing face of Education in Wales.

The journalists had a good day here and commented on how calm the school felt, how impressive the build was and how much progress we had made in such a short time.

I am pleased that we already have a lot of interest in our school for the coming September with nearly all of our places filled. If you have a child in year 6 in our partner primary schools please make sure that you have filled in the application form for the authority. A link to this is on our website. Please can I also thank our partner primary schools for their support and all their hard work. We had a wonderful Masterclass event in December for able and talented musicians from year 5 and 6 in the cluster who joined our year 7 musicians for a day’s musical programme and a further day for those talented in computer science is planned for this month.

Please remember to support our production Oliver in the Coliseum from the 2nd–4th February – tickets are soon to go on sale. Last year tickets sold out very quickly for Grease and I am sure you want to avoid being disappointed!

Sue Davies
Head Teacher