The Governing Body is made up of elected members who are parents, LA representative, community representatives and elected staff members from teaching and non teaching staff. The Headteacher is a member as of right and with the GB works to ensure that school is well run and effective.

The current Chair of Governors is Councillor Steve Bradwick and any issues of concern can be addressed to him via the school website or in writing to the school.

Governing body members

Councillor S. Bradwick
Vice Chairperson
Miss Laura Wilson
Mr Mark Powell
Clerk to the Governing Body
Mrs A. Phillips
Councillor J. Elliot
Councillor L De Vet
Mr J. Evans
Mr A. Maddox
Community Members
Mr J. Daniel
Mrs E. Christopher
Mrs N. Field
Mr M. Harding
Mrs J. Williams
Parent Members
Mrs E Bryant
Mr Richard Evans
Mr D. Harding
Ms Leann Heath
Mrs L Kear
Teacher Staff
Mr M Jones
Mr C. Lovell
Non-teaching Staff
Mr L. Powell