Message From Headteacher Mark Powell

Dear all
A full half-term went by incredibly quickly between Easter and Whitsun! I am thoroughly enjoying the time spent getting to know the school and establishing myself here as a new headteacher. I have spent time in assemblies, called into lessons, met with almost everyone who works here and spoken to many of our pupils. Of particular pleasure has been the meeting I attended with the school council to discuss proposals for changing the school day, being involved in interviews for our new Head Boy and Head Girl (more of this later) and meeting many of our Year 7 parents on Parents Evening. These, and so much more, have been genuine privileges and pleasures. I am delighted to draw the conclusion that there is much to be proud of and to celebrate in our school: hard-working, creative and committed teachers; dedicated support staff and, of course, bright pupils with bright futures.
I am not, however, complacent and will continue to work with all parties in addressing those areas of school life which are not quite where we want them to be. I said in my first communication that I have high standards and expectations of pupil behaviour and effort. I make no apology for that and will continue, with my colleagues, to insist on the very highest standards; those standards, in fact, which the vast majority of our pupils always demonstrate and who do so in ways which are a credit to their parents, their community and themselves. I am confident that all parents and carers would endorse and support these sentiments and endeavours.
I would be grateful, also, for your support in our drive to ban energy drinks and high sugar content drinks in school. We strive to be a healthy school and to promote healthy eating and drinking. There are plenty of healthy drinks options available in school including our water fountains which have the added bonus of being free of charge!
Years 10, 11, 12 and 13 are deep into exam season. I am delighted to report that they have all conducted themselves with diligence, maturity and common sense in and around each examination. I sincerely hope that the exams go well for all of our students and that they get the outcomes that they desire and will have worked for.
I mentioned the appointment of our new Head Girl and Head Boy earlier. All the candidates acquitted themselves incredibly well and were thoroughly professional in their approach to a series of challenging interview questions. The successful candidates, though, were Poppy Thole and Kyle Thomson; I look forward to working with them in these important roles in the year ahead. I would also like to thank Conor Mackey and Harriet Miller as well as the rest of the outgoing prefect team for the excellent work they have done throughout Year 13. They have proven themselves to be great role models for the younger pupils in the school.
Kind regards
Mark Powell