The National Literacy and Numeracy Framework (LNF) has been developed to help achieve our aim that the children of Wales are able to develop excellent literacy and numeracy skills during their time at school.

“Numeracy is an individual’s capacity to identify and understand the role that numbers plays in the world, to make well-founded judgements and to use and engage with numbers in ways that meet the needs of that individual’s life as a constructive, concerned and reflective citizen”. (adapted from PISA)

At Aberdare Community School we provide numeracy lesson once per fortnight to all pupils in years 7, 8 and 9. These lessons are taught predominantly by Science, Maths and Technology teachers. Teachers from these subject areas have been selected as they frequently need to use their numeracy skills in their subject.

The numeracy lessons cover the four strands of Numeracy: –

  1. Using Data Skills
  2. Using Measuring Skills
  3. Using Number Skills
  4. Developing Numerical Reasoning.

Learners work will be assessed according to the SPAG scheme. ‘S’ stands for Soaring and is the best. ‘P’ is for Peak, ‘A’ is for Ascending and ‘G’ is for Ground. All learners should be striving to achieve Soaring in all their assessments.

In addition to the numeracy lessons at Key Stage 3, all learners from year 7 up to and including year 13 will have numeracy tasks to carry out once per week during form time in the morning. This is done on a half termly basis, alternating with literacy tasks. Numeracy tasks will therefore be done for the first half term until October. Literacy tasks will be done from October half term to Christmas. The cycle will repeat until the end of the academic year in July.

Finally, we believe that we can improve the numeracy skills and confidence in dealing with numbers for our learners. This is vital if they are to make informed decisions in their future lives.