Aberdare Community School’s Design and Technology department consists of two food technology rooms, three workshops, a textiles room, a graphics room and dedicated ICT suite.

The three workshops have a range of industrial standard workshop machinery as well as modern manufacturing methods; this combination helps us teach traditional practical skills whilst also embracing the latest technology. One workshop is dedicated to Engineering, including milling machines, metal lathes, band saws and a CNC router machine. It also has a welding facility and a metal casting bay. The two other workshops are dedicated to Resistant Materials and include lathes, a chop saw, mortise and tenon machine, a vacuum forming machine, strip heater and scroll saw.

The department is also equipped with two laser cutters, a sublimation printer and 3D printer. The ICT suite includes state of the art PCs equipped with a range of computer aided design software, in addition to the usual applications. The Graphic Design room also has a touch screen whiteboard allowing for frequent interactive learning opportunities, as well as facilities for high quality printing, scanning and copying of promotional and branded products.

The Textiles room has premium quality sewing and embroidery machines to allow our pupils to produce quality garments and products. The Food rooms are also well equipped with new ovens and equipment; there is also space in the department for pupils to serve and present their creations.

As Albert Einstein said, “creativity is intelligence having fun” and these resources provide endless opportunities for this to happen!