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The department consists of :

  • Ms L Adams (Leader of Learning)
  • Miss L Shone (2nd in Department)
  • Mrs C Hendy (Progress Leader Year 8)
  • Mr S Williams (Progress Leader Yr 11)
  • Mrs L Woodrow (Assistant Head Teacher)

Welsh is taught to all pupils at Key Stages 3 and 4 and pupils sit G.C.S.E. Welsh Second Language in Year 11. Pupils who achieve A* - C can pursue the Welsh Second Language course at A.S. and A level. Pupils attend Welsh Language Courses at Llangrannog and GlanLlyn and Year 12 and 13 pupils are encouraged to attend courses to improve their fluency.

We will be holding an annual Eisteddfod, to which parents, friends of the school and the wider community are invited. We hold concerts and attend theatre workshops and professional productions. We also attend Welsh Language quizzes.

The language plays an increasingly important role in the world of work and the department seeks to equip pupils with appropriate oral and communication skills. Pupils are encouraged to study the language further to appreciate the unique qualities of our culture and heritage.

Y Dimensiwn Cymraeg - The Welsh Dimension

The school is dedicated to maintaining an important Welsh Dimension to its cultural life. Welsh is used as a medium for assemblies and whole school functions, such as the Carol Service and Prize day, which have a strong Welsh element. Our annual Eisteddfod and our Eisteddfod Concert are mainly conducted in the Welsh Language.

Key Stage 3

Year 7

In year 7, the pupils study the following topics:

  • "Fi fy hun" - all about about me
  • "Teulu" - my family
  • "Tai ac Ardal" - House and Area
  • "Hamdden" - leisure time

Year 8

In year 8, the pupils study the following topics:

"Ysgol" - School
  • "Dydd Sadwrn Diwethaf" - Last Saturday  (An introduction to the Past Tense)
  • "Yr Eisteddfod" - A project based on the Urdd Eisteddfod
  • "Dros yr Haf" - Over the Summer (An introduction to the Future Tense)

Year 9

In year 9, the pupils study the following topics:

  • "Gwyliau" - Holidays
  • "Ardal" - Area
  • "Ser Cymru" -  a project based on Welsh Celebrities
  • "Cylchgrawn yr Haf" - A project to create a magazine for young people.

Key Stage 4 (GCSE) - years 10 & 11

All pupils follow a course in Welsh in years 10+11, either the Full GCSE course, the Short/Half course or NVQ Level 1. The GCSE comprises of 4 Units, the FULL course study all 4, the SHORT course study Units 1 + 2. The units are outlined below:

Unit 1

1 Hour writing/reading Examination

Unit 2

Controlled Assessments

There are 3 Controlled assessments,1 Individual spoken presentation, 1 spoken group presentation and 1 written piece of work based on their group task

Unit 3  (full Course Only)

Final Group Speaking Examination

Unit 4  (full Course Only)

1 Hour writing/reading Examination

Welsh NVQ Vocational Qualification

The pupils complete 4 elements (Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening) over the 2 years which then makes up the complete qualification NVQ Level 1. The pupils complete tasks in the classroom which they then red-draft for their assessment piece. This vocational qualification is offered to pupils for whom the GCSE Course is not suitable.

Key Stage 5 (‘A’ level) - years 12 & 13

Year 12

In Year 12, there are 3 elements of the course, namely CA1, CA2 & CA3. 

CA1 - Oral examination - Pupils study a Welsh Language Oscar Nominated Film 'Hedd Wyn'. The Oral examination will be based on this film.

CA2 - Project - Pupils have to complete a project on a subject of their choice, which must be linked to Wales.

CA3 - Written examination with Poetry & Grammar - Pupils will study a variety of Welsh poetry and elements of Grammar.


Year 13

In Year 13, again,  there are 3 elements namely CA4, CA5 & CA6.

CA3 - Oral examination - Pupils study a Welsh Language play 'Siwan'. The Oral examination will be based on this play.

CA5 – Written examination - Pupils will study a collection of short stories by Mihangel Morgan and Ioan Kidd and complete a module in “Translanguaging” – Reading about a topic in English and writing their opinion on it in Welsh.

CA6 - Written examination with Poetry & Grammar - Pupils will study a variety of Welsh poetry and elements of Grammar.

Teaching methods

Trips & Activities


Every May, the Welsh Department organise a weekend of fun and outdoor activities to the Urdd camp in Llangrannog for Years 7 + 8.


Every November, the Welsh Department organises an outdoor pursuits weekend to the Urdd camp in GlanLlyn, North Wales.

St David’s Day Festival, Disneyland Paris

This takes place every March and is very popular with students.

Theatre trips

We run regular trips to the Wales Millenium Centre and other theatres for Welsh language performances and pantomimes!